Coldregionscience was originally set up as a website describing my research and teaching in the High Arctic and Antarctica.
With time it developed organically, and now you will also find here usueful information on both Polar Regions, interesting resurces for research, teaching or exploration, polar environmental reports or window into the Arctic and Antarctica via webcams. 
Coldregionscience focuses on the influence of changing climate on hydrology (e.g. runoff, water balance), biogeochemistry, and microbial activity within the snow and ice.

Dr Aga Nowak

I am an interdisciplinary environmental scientist specialising in freshwater runoff and biogeochemistry. 

My research focuses on investigation of short- as well as long-term effects of climate change on the terrestrial and marine ecosystems, with the focus on the High Arctic and Antarctica. Read more..

Currently, I am the researcher on the BIOICE project investigatigating Blue Ice Oases of microbial life on the Antarctic Ice Sheet. 

I am also passionate about teaching, as I believe students are our future. Thus, I always strive to provide the highest quality of learning environment for my students using inquiry-based learning. Read more..



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Latest and ongoing research


50 years of Svalbard runoff

Comprehensive report on water balace 



3D models of Svalbard glacier fronts and their forefields

bogerbreen 2019.jpg


Glacier mass balance monitoring program - drinking water supply to Longyearbyen



Blue Ice Oases of microbial life in Antarctica.

Cryoconite holes


Carbon in Antarctica


Arctic Methane


Longyeardalen erosion monitoring program



Latest Publications

2021  Nowak, A., Hodkins, R., Nikulina, A., Osuch, M., Wawrzyniak T, Kavan J, Łepkowska E, Majerska M, Romashova K, Vasilevich I, Sobota I, Rachlewicz, G. From land to fjords: The review of Svalbard hydrology from 1970 to 2019. in State of Environmental Science in Svalbard Report

2020 Hodson, A. J., Nowak, A., Senger, K., Redeker, K., Christiansen, H. H., Jessen, S., Hornum, M. T., Betlem, P., Thornton, S. F., Turchyn, A. V., Olaussen, S., and Marca, A.: Open system pingos as hotspots for sub-permafrost methane emission in Svalbard, The Cryosphere Discuss.,

2020 Kalinowska, A.; Szopińska, M.; Chmiel, S.; Kończak, M.; Polkowska, Ż.; Artichowicz, W.; Jankowska, K.; Nowak, A.; Łuczkiewicz, A. Heavy Metals in a High Arctic Fiord and Their Introduction with the Wastewater: A Case Study of Adventfjorden-Longyearbyen System, Svalbard. Water, 12, 794

2019 Hodson A, Nowak A., Holmlund E.S., Redeker K., Turchyn AV., Christansen H. Seasonal Dynamics of Methane and Carbon Dioxide Evasion From an Open System Pingo: Lagoon Pingo, Svalbard. Frontiers in Earth Science

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