About me

 I am an environmental scientist specialising in hydrology and biogeochemistry of both Polar Regions. Therefore, my research focuses on investigation of short- as well as long-term effects of climate change on the terrestrial and marine ecosystems in the Arctic and Antarctica.

My current research explores:

  • water management and ecosystem dynamics

    • microbial ecosystems of Antarctic ice sheet

    • freshwater hydrology,

    • major ions, nutrient and trace metals fluxes from deglaciating environments,

    • snowpack hydrology and biogeochemistry,

    • glacial – groundwater interactions,

    • glacial mass balance,

    • acid mine drainage,

    • biogeochemical effects of meltwater on near-shore marine environments

I share my time between spring and summer field campaigns in the High Arctic, Antarctica, teaching at the University Centre in Svalbard, and volunteering to help Longyearbyen's community to understand, monitor and manage their drinking water supply.

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Research grants


2020 – Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System – P.I.

From Land to Fjords, a review of Svalbard Hydrology from 1970 to 2019 

• 2017 – Royal Geographical Society with IBG, Ralph Brown Expedition Award – Co.I.

Rapid ventilation of sub-permafrost methane through pingoes, springs and pockmarks in the coastal High Arctic

2016 – British Antarctic Survey & NERC, Collaborative Antarctic Science Scheme (CASS) – P.I.

Investigation of the snowpack derived organic carbon in maritime Antarctica; characteristics, dynamics and the processes influencing Fe, N and P delivery to terrestrial and marine ecosystems

2016 – Royal Geographical Society with IBG, Small Research Grant – P.I.

Investigation of the export of glacially derived carbon to downstream terrestrial and marine environments of the High Arctic

2015 – Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Sheffield – P.I.

Purchase of two ROVs for polar research and teaching (grant held in name of Prof. A.J.Hodson)

2012 – Longyearbyen Lokalstyre Bydrift  – Co.I.

The water supply to Longyearbyen: understanding the present system and future uncertainties



2014 – NERC-AFI Maritime Antarctic Glacial Biogeochemistry project – Characteristics of glacial runoff to an Antarctic fjord as well as web design for the project

The University of Sheffield

Physical Geography

Cold Regions Hydrology and Biogeochemistry

Uniwersytet Gdański

Physical Oceanography

Marine Chemistry and Environmental Protection

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