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Here you will find a collection of free resources for performing research, exploration or just traveliing around the Arctic. Enjoy the freebies and with them this fantastic continent.

Satelite images used here were downloaded from NASA's Gallery resource.




This is a fantastic resource from the Mapping Section of the Norwegian Polar Insitute. You will find here maps in 2D and 3D, satelite images and aerial photographs of Svalbard and Jan Mayen. Explore Svalbard in winter and in Summer in high reslution. 

Click here to access Toposvalbard 

If you require information about glacier extent, geology, biodifersity, society, traffic or ice conditions, check Svalbardkartet. Click here to access this fantastic service.

Toposvalbard & Svalbardkartet



Looking for 3D models of either geological structures in Svalbard or glacier fronts and their forefields?

Look no further Svalbox will give you the former, while SvalDEM the latter. 

Svalbox & SvalDEM



Funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), this laboratory gives you access to a massive amounts of earth observation data from various satellites, in-situ observations and models from ESA/EU, Svalbard Observatory (SIOS) and other sources.
The site is a collaboration of Norwegian Research Centre, Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Norwegian Polar Institure, Science & Technology and Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre 

Click and get lost in the fantastic resource for Arctic explorations.

Cryosphre Virtual Laboratory
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